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authentic thai
with a view

authentic dining × Crafted with Love


Experience Thai food at its finest with gorgeous views overlooking Depoe Bay.

However far you’ve come to join us – whether Portland, Pittsburgh, or Paris – Bay View Thai Kitchen invites you to take a culinary experience with the complex comforts of Thai street food.


You’ll find Bay View Thai Kitchen along US 101 on the Pacific Coast, nestled up against the Oregon Coast Range mountains, and looking out across the ocean towards Southeast Asia over the horizon. Our unpretentious yet inviting restaurant is perched over Depoe Bay, the world’s smallest navigable harbor at just 6 acres.


This dramatic location inspires awe, a majestic intersection of some of the most monumental landforms on earth. Its grandness is matched by the delicate details which thrive up close, a remarkable discovery in such a narrow band of imposing forms.


An exploration of flavours, at once comforting and exotic. The nuanced flavours come together in a satisfying creation. Join us in our kitchen and let us expand your tastes, while bringing the world a little closer to home.