The Whales of Depoe Bay

Whether you live around Depoe Bay or are just visiting, an attraction that can’t be taken for granted is the opportunity to spot whales.

Of these majestic creatures, the most well-known around Depoe Bay are the resident gray whales. Best observed between June and October, about 200 of these whales spend their time in the area (for whales to be considered resident, they must spend at least two days around a particular area, demonstrate feeding activity, and return year after year). Depending on the year, whales may stay around Depoe Bay for just a few days or a few months.

As whales make their return every year, it’s possible to spot specific whales returning year after year. Most famous of these gray whales is Scarback, recognizable by a large, orange scar along her right dorsal hump.

As far as places to spot whales go, the Depoe Bay Whale Watching Center is one of the most well-known places. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, it affords visitors one of the best opportunities in the world to observe whales in their natural element and also includes guides to help inform visitors.

Another excellent option is to take a boat tour out into open waters to get more up close and personal with these marvels of nature. There’s nothing quite like watching some of the largest mammals on the planet up close in their element, and is an opportunity not to be passed up. Many excursions take place throughout the day and make for an excellent day trip.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Depoe Bay whales, check out the Whale Watching Center today at 119 SW Highway 101, Depoe Bay, OR 97341. Admission is free.